The Pier House is a beachfront seafood shack with a fresh cocktail program, right in the heart of Venice, CA. Paying homage to Venice history and The Dancehall of the original Venice Pier in the early 1900's, the venue represents an vintage inspired design, bringing a refreshed vibe to the area known as Washington Square. The menu from Executive Chef Alex Schwartzman seafood inspired menu features classic fish house dished with a modern twist. The beverage program created by Ken Gray and Nate Oftelie of Craft2Draft, focuses on classic cocktail riffs and beach inspired creations.



The design celebrates all three major incarnations of Venice Beach: turn-of-the-century Venice Beach, bohemian Venice of the 1960s and 1970s, and Silicon Beach Venice of today. The muse for the project was always the Bohemian Gypsy/Coachella Girl and we couldn’t think of a more supreme gypsy than Stevie Nicks. The design of The Pier House is very material and texture-based, all finishes are living. This means that from the tables and chairs to the tiniest fixtures, nothing is precious or sealed, allowing the space to evolve as each visitor interacts with it. “The heart and soul of the design will come through and look better as objects age and patina, as patrons use the restaurant it will literally become a part of the community, reflecting the people who have made and will continue to make memories there.”